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Serious weight loss should be closely monitored by medical professionals. Medical research shows that joining a medical professional team produces greater and longer lasting results. We make sure you have a thorough Medical understanding of how your weight and body composition are affecting your health.

At SimplySlim Medical, your bariatric-focused medical history and physical, body composition and metabolic analysis are incorporated to create a personal weight loss program to treat what the other “Diets” can’t. We help you reduce or eliminate some of life-style disease medication, like those that treat hypertension and diabetes.*

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Weight Loss Meds

Simply Slim Medical provides practical solutions for your unique weight loss goals.

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hCG Protocol

hCG Protocol

The key to successful weight loss is creating a caloric deficit. In other words, you need to burn more calories than you take in.

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Vitamin B & Lipotropic Injections

Vitamin B & Lipotropic Injections

Our revolutionary “fat-burning” injections are formulated for Simply Slim Medical.

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Medical Weight Loss

Expert Medical Staff

SimplySlim Medical is led by Dr. Matthew Wolins, a bariatrician and anesthesiologist who has received many accolades for his contributions to his field. Doctor Wolins has over two decades of experience successfully managing and treating the disease processes of obese and overweight patients.

Come to SimplySlim today and take charge! Put that pizza down and don’t “waist” another day. We look forward to helping you trim your waistline and extend your smile! Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get back to the true you.

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Real Patient Reviews

Real Patient Reviews

se los recomiendo

Con excelente atención de su personal y super contenta por que he perdido 27 libras en poco de 3 meses, se los recomiendo *Resultados pueden variar. – Daysi M.

Simply Slim Medical is the best!

I started back in October with a weight of 160lbs. I was a bit hesitant if the meds and the injections would really help me as I have tried pretty much everything from shakes, pills, and only eating greens and the weight was still there. But since I have started the treatment, I can HAPPILY say I am now at a weight of 125lbs!! Thank you to Dr. Wolins and his amazing staff for their continuous support and outstanding patient care. You have really changed my life for the best and I\’m very grateful for all the help I have received to make this lifestyle change. Thank you Thank you! – Ana Escobar

Muy bueno

Muy bueno me encanta se los recomiendo Resultados pueden variar. – Maria G.

Today im officially 40lbs lighter!

Update: I started 2015 being extremely overweight; taking high blood pressure meds, and diagnosed pre diabetic. Today im officially 40lbs lighter! Fuel needed to lose more!! Individual results may vary. – Candy C.

I am the one now in control!

This time last year I re-started my weight loss journey. I topped the scale at a new number that I have never seen before. Diet and exercise is all you need to do…I heard that for years. I love to be active either bike riding, walking trails, running or flipping tires…I thought I was doing everything I should be doing, but the scale kept on climbing. Talking to my friend, she knew I was frustrated. She could feel my pain and wanted to help. She introduced me to Simply Slim Medical and changed my life. Weight issues are personal and if it was anybody else telling me to go I would have just gotten mad or hurt. Today, I am 65 pounds lighter! I have not been this size or weight since 1999. I wish I found out about Simply Slim years ago…and this is the reason I am sharing my story with you. If you or if you know anybody who has struggled with their weight, PLEASE, share this information with them. I am writing this to help others because I know how it feels. It’s hard to share this because it is hard to admit that I was not successful on my own. That I needed help! This is the first time in my life that food is not a priority or controlling me. I am the one now in control! Feel free to forward this letter to your friends or family. Being fat is not fun, it sucks! It is medically supervised weight loss and there is a cool scale that sings to you and then spits out the truth! …..just wanted to share my experience with you. Individual results may vary. – Julia J.

Thank you Simply Slim Family!

After having my daughter in 2012 I got up to 210lbs. At my yearly check up I was told by my doctor that I had higher cholesterol & blood pressure than I should for someone my age and That I was at risk for diabetes. I was able to lose 20 lbs from dieting and exercising and went up a few lbs to 196 in the beginning of 2014. My doctor still thought I needed to lose alot more so… Again I adjusted my diet and went down some more over the next 6 months. I came to Dr. Wolins in July at 185 lbs and I was able to lose 30 lbs in 4 months. Not only did dr. Wolins help me get healthy for myself but for my kids too. Now I am back to the weight i was before my daughter 155lbs. My kids need me & I wanted to be healthy to care for them the way they deserve. Thank you Simply Slim Family! Individual results may vary. – Apryl R.

I STRONGLY recommend Simply Slim Medical to anyone

I have been fighting my FAT genetics for my ENTIRE life !….I have literally tried EVERYTHING to lose weight & keep it off!….In doing this, I have spend countless Dollars on losing weight. Simply Slim Medical is THE ONLY program that has helped me lose the weight & keep it off. I have lost 80 lbs. and have kept it off for almost a year so far. The doctor & the Staff are AMAZING!…You can see that they genuinely care that I succeed…The office is very clean. The prices are reasonable…and most importantly, I am NOT treated like a number. I STRONGLY recommend Simply Slim Medical to anyone that is looking to lose weight and to be treated with dignity! Individual results may vary. – Honest A.

Que me ayudado por el momento a perder 48 lbs

Que me ayudado por el momento a perder 48 lbs, me siento muy bien. *Resultados pueden variar. – Patty M.

The staff at Simply Slim has changed my life so much

I have had very successful results as a patient/client. I have lost 60 lbs. The advice and support I have received from the staff at Simply Slim has changed my life so much for the better. We are exercising daily. We eat healthier than we ever have. At no point have I ever felt that the only way to weight loss is by medicine. The professional staff at Simply Slim wants their patients to succeed and meet their long term weight loss goals. The encouragement and support they offer for my diet and exercise program has been phenomenal. I am sorry you did not give this program a chance as you would be enjoying the healthy, slimmer lifestyle that I have been able to achieve because of the personal attention and support I received from the dedicated people at Simply Slim. Individual results may vary. – Helene D.

Great office crew and great medical crew!

I have been using Simply Slim Medical for two years now and they have been great since the start. Great office crew and great medical crew! They are very knowledgeable and explain everything before they do anything to you! Individual results may vary. – Mike J.

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Featured Weight Loss

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Simply Slim Medical is your first choice for safe, simple and lasting weight loss.* At Simply Slim Medical, we specialize in modern, medically-supervised weight reduction for women and men with no gimmicks, no shakes, no scalpels, and no contracts – just real people losing real weight. In addition to medical pharmacotherapy, we offer the HCG program, Lipo-plex injections, as well as nutritional and physical activity navigation to re-energize you!*

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Real Patient Results Gallery

View real patient before and after success stories. Read first hand accounts on how we helped change lives forever!

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We answer all your questions on weight loss! How much weight can you expect to lose? Do you provide meals? Will I need rigorous exercise? All these questions and more are answered here!

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